RemoteKEY Comfort Control for Porsche Macan available soon

The RemoteKEY Comfort Control for Porsche Macan will soon be available for the Porsche Macan. The retrofit module with its smart functions, provides for a greater ease of use. It enables, among other things, the trunk to be closed via the remote control and the interior button with One-Touch.

The company Mods4cars has announced a RemoteKEY Comfort Control for Porsche Macan, which will be available soon. The retrofit module will provide Porsche Macan owners with numerous additional functions for increased comfort.

Among other things, the RemoteKEY comfort control will allow the trunk to be closed via the remote control with One-Touch. With just a touch of a button, the trunk lid will automatically close. From manufacture, it is only possible to open the trunk with the remote control. The trunk can now also be closed via the interior button. Even while driving slowly or when the ignition is switched off.

In addition, the RemoteKEY will offer other useful features: It will be possible to open and close the windows and sunroof using the remote control. Mirrors can be folded in or out when locking and unlocking the vehicle. Additionally, the mirror lighting will be activated when unlocking the vehicle.

On vehicles with keyless entry, the trunk, windows and sunroof can be closed via the door handle. With Auto-mute function it can be set to automatically turn down the radio volume when the ignition is turned on. All functions can be programmed according to personal preferences.

The comfort control can be completely deactivated if required. A USB port attached to the RemoteKEY allows for configuration using the home PC/Mac. In addition, software updates, which Mods4cars provides free of charge, can be installed.

Since 2002 the company Mods4cars has been developing retrofit comfort and convertible top controls for all common vehicle brands. “The basic idea of our products is to make the operation of individual processes on the vehicle easier and more comfortable,” says PR spokesman Sven Tornow.

The RemoteKEY comfort gain for the Porsche Macan will be available from 299.00 Euro + tax.

The RemoteKEY Comfort Control for Porsche Macan is available at !

RemoteKEY Comfort Control for Porsche Macan

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