SmartTOP Convertible Top Control for Ford Mustang Convertible with MyMode Automatic

The retrofitted SmartTOP Convertible Top Control for Ford Mustang Convertible from the manufacturer Mods4cars allows the opening and closing of the convertible top by One-Touch while driving. Now a new function has been added to the convertible top module.

The SmartTOP additional convertible top control for the 6th generation Ford Mustang convertible provides Mustang owners with more convenience and smart additional features. SmartTOP modules are retrofitted to the vehicle to make the top more convenient to operate. The company Mods4cars has now added another function to its convertible top module.

As of now, it is possible to select whether the last selected driving mode should be activated after switching on the ignition, automatically switch to Sport+ mode or whether the MyMode driving mode should activate. By factory this setting is lost at every start of the car.

In addition to this new function, the SmartTOP has other smart features: The module enables One-Touch operation of the convertible top while driving at speeds of up to 50 km/h. All that is required is a tap on the convertible top button. The convertible top movement is then carried out automatically. It can also be set so that the convertible top opens fully automatically after unlatching the top without the need to press another button.

Starting and stopping the engine does not interrupt any current running convertible top movement. All functions can be programmed according to personal preferences. Among other things, it is possible to select the speed up to which the convertible top movement can be carried out while driving.

Thanks to a USB port attached to the module, the configuration of the module can be done easily via PC/Mac. In addition, the USB port allows for the installation of software updates and functional extensions, which the company Mods4cars provides to its customers free of charge.

For uncomplicated installation, the SmartTOP module is supplied with a plug-and-play adapter. The specially developed adapter has OEM-quality connectors and ensures a simple connection between the vehicle electronics and the SmartTOP module. No cables need to be cut, which is why removal without trace is possible at any time.

The SmartTOP Convertible Top Control for Ford Mustang Convertible is available for 309.00 Euro plus tax.

The SmartTOP additional top control for Ford Mustang is available at !

SmartTOP Convertible Top Control for Ford Mustang Convertible

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