SmartTOP Add-On Convertible Top Module for Renault Megane CC III reduced in price 1/2

Effective immediately owners of the Renault Megane CC III will be happy to know that they can pick up the SmartTOP kit for just 209 Euros + tax. “We hope that even more Megane drivers will get to enjoy the benefits of our products and will get to indulge in the top down driving feeling more often.” says PR Manager Sven Tornow.

The SmartTOP Convertible Top Controller is an add-on module which brings more features and functionality to the convertible top mechanism. The top can be used while driving at slow speeds and it is not necessary any longer to hold down the switch for the duration of the operation. A quick tap is enough to start full automatic opening or closing.

Additionally the kit allows owners to use their existing remote fob to control the convertible top as well. “SmartTOP customers can walk up to the car while the top already opens itself.” Sven Tornow continues. “No changes are necessary to the remote fobs or the receiver system.” he concludes.

On cars equipped with the hands free key card system the top can even be controlled via the touch door handle. It is possible to activate an extended mode which allows starting or stopping the engine while the top operation continues. A one-touch feature for all windows is also included.
The entire module can be temporarily disabled for situations in which the car is handed over to others while retaining all user configurable settings for when the module is re-enabled. All features and functions can be adjusted to individual taste and desire.

The SmartTOP kit comes complete with a plug-and-play wiring harness. This custom designed wiring adapter makes installation quick and easy by simply connecting plugs. The SmartTOP module also houses a standard USB port for quick and easy configuration and firmware updates via PC or Mac. Updates and support software are available free of charge online.

SmartTOP Convertible Top Modules are available for: Alfa, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Infiniti, Lamborghini, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo. A kit is also available for the Renault Megane CC II. After the recent price reduction the kit for Renault Megane CC III now sells for just 209 Euros + tax.


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