Christmas-Special: SmartTOP at a discounted price!

We are running a Christmas-Special:

SmartTOP STLFPT2 for Peugeot 307CC (Facelift): It’s available for 239,00 Euro (MSRP 299,00 Euro) + Shipping.

SmartTOP STHFRT1 for Renault Megane CC (II): It’s available for 199,00 Euro (MSRP 249,00 Euro) + Shipping.

SmartTOP STLFBW1 for BMW 1/3/6 Series Cabrio, Z4 Roadster and Mini Convertible: It’s availabe for 199,00 Euro (MSRP 359,00) + Shipping.

SmartTOP STLFBY1 for Bentley Continental GTC: It’s availabe for 379,00 Euro (MSRP 479,00) + Shipping.

SmartTOP STAXFI1 for Ferrari 360/430 Spider: It’s availabe for 379,00 Euro (MSRP 479,00) + Shipping.

SmartTOP STHFII1 for Infiniti G Convertible: It’s availabe for 239,00 Euro (MSRP 299,00) + Shipping.

Attention: This special is limited and available within EUROPE ONLY!

To place an order please send an email to including promo code “Christmas-Special” and your address + telephone number + your choice of SmartTOP module. If still available, we will reply with an order confirmation including all payment details within 24h.

More details regarding our SmartTOP Roof Top Controls:


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