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MANUAL installation of the USB driver under WINDOWS


Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to install the USB driver for the module manually. In cases where auto detection fails or Microsoft Update is temporarily offline and the driver can not be found. In case of error messages after connecting the module, please follow these steps precisely:


1. Go to
2. Download “m4cconnect” again to ensure you get the newest release of the software (even if the version number is the same)
3. Download “”
4. Extract the file somewhere and memorize where (for example C:\DRIVER)
5. Connect M4C module to PC
6. Open Device Manager
7. Right click on <<device>>* and click “Properties”
8. Click the “Driver” tab
9. Click “Update Driver”
10. Click “Browse my computer for driver software”
11. Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
12. Click “Have Disk”
13. Click “Browse”
14. Navigate to the folder “driver”, which was downloaded and extracted in steps 3 and 4
15. Click “Open”
16. Click “OK”
17. Click “Next”
18. Click “Close”
19. Restart PC, wait until it is completely back up and running/
20. Connect module to USB port
21. Open M4C connect
22. Click “Connect”

If you see something like "scanning 1/1" then m4cconnect has FOUND a valid driver and is talking to the module. If you still can NOT connect to the module (Error message "no m4c module found) then please contact us.

* <<device>> = Select the appropriate “device”, which may be listed under “Other devices” or “Universal Serial Bus controllers”

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