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Faulty USB driver included in OS X Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan prevents proper operation of m4cconnect. *SOLUTION*



When installing m4cconnect on Mac OS beginning with Mavericks, proper operation is not possible. m4cconnect v1.11 will not connect to the module, m4cconnect 1.21 and later will report a warning message when connecting and inform the user about the faulty driver.


Apple decided to include their own, severely broken serial driver for FTDI USB serial chips beginning with Mavericks. That driver simply lacks handshake protocols and is therefore unusable or severely cripples many microcontroller applications. Older versions of m4cconnect included a driver inside the app which now gets blocked, newer versions of m4cconnect use the Apple-forced way of connecting to the USB port and warn the user when detecting Apple's broken driver.


This has been a known issue since late 2013 at which point we filed bug reports with Apple. Unfortunately the driver is still not fixed, so we have developed a compatibility mode in m4cconnect to avoid crashes and the following workaround for manually installing a proper driver.

1) Install the FTDIUSBSerialDriver from the .dmg package supplied on our USB SUPPORT Website

2) Reboot your Mac (important!)

3) Connect the module to the USB port

4) Start m4cconnect

5) Click CONNECT - There should be no warning message


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