SmartTOP add-on Convertible Top Controller for BMW 3 series and Z4 gets new look 1/2


Effective immediately all SmartTOP add-on kits shipped for the BMW 3 series convertible and Z4 roadster come with a new unique smaller and more ergonomic plastic enclosure. The kit makes it possible to raise and lower the top from the original factory key fob without the need to reprogram or change any of the existing parts.

After installing the module the top can be operated with one-touch operation up to a speed of 40km/h (~28mph). All that is required is a short push of the button. There is no more need to pull over and hold down the top button. A host of bonus features gives drivers other useful and convenient functionality.

To give a few examples, the windows can be operated by remote and independently from the top. All windows can be raised simultaneously with a quick tap of a button. Owners can set the module to unlock all doors when the ignition is turned off for extra convenience when getting out. The existing trunk access feature gets one-touch operation and motorized mirrors can be folded in or out by remote.

Mods4cars continuously works on implementing new features and greatly values customer suggestions. But not only the product software is being worked on. Also the hardware gets extended and improved over time. Most modules now come with a fully custom designed plug-and-play wiring harness for quick and simple installation. The module installation is as simple as plugging in a couple of connectors.

Every product comes with a built in standard USB port for easy firmware updates. Updates are made available free of charge online on Mods4cars’ website. Now the entire look of the module has been completely overhauled and all modules shipped for the BMW 3 series convertible and Z4 roadster now come in a custom, unique design.

One big advantage of the new, slim enclosure is the 30% smaller size which allows installation of the module in tighter spots without any problems. A set of red and green LEDs give clear indication of a successful installation or any existing problems. “Our aftermarket convertible top modules are innovative, well thought out and smart. Now we are proud to present our very own, custom designed and unique product enclosure.” says PR-Manager Sven Tornow.

Brands like Alfa, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Infiniti, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo are supported. SmartTOP Convertible top kits are available for almost every modern convertible and roadster on the road today.

The convenience add-on kit for BMW 3 series convertible and Z4 roadster is available from 209 Euros + tax.


14 thoughts on “SmartTOP add-on Convertible Top Controller for BMW 3 series and Z4 gets new look 1/2

  1. SmartTOP add-on Convertible Top Controller for BMW 3 series and Z4 gets new look.

    Last week, i picked up my new Z4 (2013 LCI) at the dealer. Some of the SmartTOP options are already present in the new Z4. For example open/close the roof while driving and door unlocking when ingnition is turned off. The last one can be switch on/off via iDrive. When installing the new SmartTOP add-on Convertible Top Controller, how to deal with both the functions 4 (maximum speed) and especially 7 (automatic door unlocking). If function 7 is set to OFF (SmartTOP), can this option still actived or de-actived via iDrive?

    Awaiting for your reply,

    Leon Vermeulen

    • Please turn Function 7 – Automatic door unlocking SmartTOP wise off and control this features via iDrive. Feel free to select the maximum speed (Function 4).

  2. SmartTop is one of the first and best additions I made to my 2006 Z4. I just posted some comments on zpost that made me wonder if there has been any software updates. Here is what I’m hoping for: an option to leave windows at half mast when the top is lowered (this was my OEM setting). Please let me know if this has potential as an option.

  3. for the bmw z4 E85/86 and z4 E89 (before 2012 as I know after this they say the maximum speed is 25mph) what is the maximum speed you can safely operate the convertible top while driving at?


  4. I have a BMW 2011 135i convertible without the convenience package. Do you have a mod that would allow me to open and close the convertible top from the fob?

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