INSTALLATION C-Class and E-Class


Comfort Roof Control Module for

  • Mercedes Benz C (A205)
  • Mercedes Benz E (A238)
  • Mercedes Benz S (A217)


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    We explicitly point out that all functions of this control unit should be used only while exercising caution and responsibility. We can NOT be held liable for any damage or injury caused by installing or using this product.
    Important Information. READ BEFORE INSTALLING!
    This manual is designed to produce completely filled pages. In order to get best print results, simply set the borders to minimum settings in the browser's page setup menu and disable headers and footers.

    Activate the print preview and if necessary decrease the zoom level until all pages are shown correctly.

    If you run into any problems after installing the module, please go over the manual again in great detail, clicking every photo for full size!
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    If you need to contact us, the best and fastest way to do so is by opening a support ticket there

    This module comes with our USB Field Upgrade and Configuration Port! We recommend connecting it to a computer BEFORE YOU INSTALL and using our support app "m4cconnect" to do a quick firmware update check. M4cconnect as well as all other information regarding USB update and configuration can be found at You can even configure and activate your favorite module functions and settings on screen before the module is installed in the car! It is a good idea to permanently install the USB cable with the module in the car, leaving the computer plug in an easily accessible spot for later use with a Wifi/3G/4G connected laptop.

    If the top does not work properly or at all after installing the module, these tips can be very helpful:

    1) Turn Function 1 (Main Switch) off (Setting 0). The module will be completely passive. If the problem still persists and the top won't work, check all connections. Please also check the green DATA LED on the module!

    2) Function 2 now has a valet mode (Setting 2) on many modules. Valet mode completely disables opening of the top. Check the setting for function 2 and make sure the module is NOT in valet mode!

    IMPORTANT: Not all modules have the valet mode! Please check the Operation and Programming Manual!

    The DATA LED shows the module status and helps troubleshooting issues during installation:

    When the ignition is ON: The LED should BLINK (flash) in a regular pattern (about 1x per second). This indicates that the module is receiving data and should work OK.

    When the ignition is OFF: The LED should BLINK (flash) as long as the data bus is still active and turn off after a while (max 5 min) indicating that the car has entered stand-by (sleep) mode.

    If the LED is permanently lit with the ignition ON, the module is NOT receiving data from the top controller and all connectors should be checked.

    If the LED does NOT light up at all when turning the ignition ON, the module is either not getting power or not receiving ANY data. All connectors should be checked.
    Installation - Steps 1-3
    1. Completely close the top and turn the ignition off. Open the trunk, empty it and flip the luggage divider up. Remove the bottom.
    IMPORTANT: Fold both rear seats down, so the area can be accessed through the opening in case of a connection problem (see step 8).
    2. Pull up the carpet cover on the left and take the Styrofoam carrier holding the towing attachment out.
    3. Lift all bottom covers and pieces out until you see metal.
    Installation - Steps 4-6
    4. The big white box is the convertible top control unit. On the top row there is a grey, a yellow and a white plug connected to it.
    5. Remove the grey plug (1) by squeezing the locking levers on both sides while wiggling it out. Flip the locking levers up on the yellow plug (2) and the white plug (3) in order to eject them.
    6. Connect the three plugs (1) (2) and (3) from the module harness to the control unit, making sure that they securely latch into place. Then connect the original plugs to the sockets on the harness as shown in (4) and (5) and in the next step. Lastly, connect the module to the end of the harness and tap the unlock button on the remote once. The DATA LED on the module should now blink slowly and indicate a successful installation. Configure the module according to our operation and programming manual.
    Installation - Steps 7-8
    7. On some models there is a metal bracket with another control box or amplifier mounted to it (silver bracket on the left in the photo). In such cases there is still enough space between the bracket and the white top controller box to connect the wiring harness plugs (1) (2) and (3) as shown.
    8. The Mods4cars wiring adapter has three sockets. The two foam wrapped ones are custom designed since there are no OEM parts. Please make sure to insert the two left plugs all the way as shown (see arrows) using some force and that the locking lever on the right plug flips up and latches it into place.
    IMPORTANT: Do not put the trunk bottom back in just yet. Test the top operation first with both rear seats folded down. In case of a blocked trunk lock due to connection issues, the module can be accessed through the opening.