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    We explicitly point out that all functions of this control unit should only be used while exercising caution and responsibility. We can NOT be held liable for any damage or injury caused by installing or using this product.

    USB PRODUCT MANUAL - Steps 1-3
    1. Connect the mods4cars product to your computer (Mac with OSX Lion or newer, PC with Windows XP or newer). Connect the module first and wait for the USB/Serial driver to automatically install, BEFORE running the m4cconnect app.

    It is advisable to install the module in the car with the USB cable connected and accessible. This way the module can be updated or configured easily without the need to uninstall it first. All preferences can be configured via the m4cconnect app.
    2. If you see the install driver dialog, click "locate and install driver software". If a similar driver is already installed, you might not see this dialog at all, as windows recognizes the device automatically. Windows 7 and Vista always find the driver automatically using Microsoft's driver service. Just make sure the laptop is connected to the internet and wait.

    Important information for Mac users about the driver: Read this KB article!
    3. You should see a bubble telling you that the driver is being installed. If this is not the case or you get an error message, please download our Microsoft WHQL certified driver from the main page. When you see the "your device is ready to use" message, you have successfully connected the mods4cars product to your computer.

    Problems with the driver under Windows? Read this KB article!
    USB PRODUCT MANUAL - Steps 4-6
    4. Now download our "m4cconnect" software from the main page and place it on your desktop. You can also directly click RUN if you do not want to save it locally. This program DOES NOT need to be installed and DOES NOT make ANY changes in your Windows registry. It can safely be deleted after use. The "Online Manual" button leads back to the main page with this manual on it. IMPORTANT: To access the help pages and firmware updates an active internet connection is required. However, module settings can still be edited when offline.
    5. After clicking the "Connect" button (1) the product type and currently installed firmware (2) will be shown in the log window. On our newest generation firmwares the personal preferences (3) are also read immediately, so they can be edited and written back to the module later. In case it shows "Configurable: NO" the module needs to be updated first and all settings configured manually one last time to enable this feature.
    6. To search for a firmware update, first click the "Firmware" tab (1) followed by the "Check for Update" button. This launches an online request to our update server and shows the result. In this example the module firmware is already up to date (3). No settings were altered.
    USB PRODUCT MANUAL - Steps 7-9
    7. The result of a successful update. The available firmware version (1) is shown, the module flashed (2) automatically and a summary of the update displayed (3) at the end. IMPORTANT: NEVER disconnect the USB connection or launch other programs while an update is in progress. A successful update erases the personal settings and restores the factory settings. Please reconfigure the settings after the update or, in case they were read before the update, see the next step on how to verify and write them back into the module.
    8. After clicking the "Settings" tab (1) the personal preferences can be adjusted conveniently on the PC or written back to the module after a firmware-update. The "Settings Matrix" button (2) opens our always up-to-date online functions and settings sheet for this module and firmware version. IMPORTANT: After a successful firmware update please verify all settings for validity. New settings might have been added or old ones removed! Lastly, click on "Write to Module" (3) to save the currently shown settings into the module.
    9. To end communication with the module, go back to the "USB Connection" tab (1) and click "Disconnect" (2). Wait until the log window shows "Disconnected!" before closing down the program and disconnecting the USB cable.