Comfort Roof Control Module designed for

Alfa Romeo Spider (Model 939)
Ferrari California Model Year 2008+
Ferrari California 30 Model Year 2012+
Ferrari California T Model Year 2014+
Ferrari 458 Spider
Ferrari 488 Spider

Firmware v2.10 and up

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We explicitly point out that all functions of this control unit should be used only while exercising caution and responsibility. We can NOT be held liable for any damage or injury caused by installing or using this product. Operation must be supervised and paid attention to in order to ensure that there are no objects or persons in range of moving parts due to the fact that top mechanics do not have pinch protection. Please study and be aware of the procedures to interrupt an ongoing operation in an emergency.
Important Information. READ BEFORE USING!
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This module comes with our USB Field Upgrade and Configuration Port! We recommend connecting it to a computer BEFORE YOU INSTALL and using our support app "m4cconnect" to do a quick firmware update check. M4cconnect as well as all other information regarding USB update and configuration can be found at www.mods4cars.com/usb. You can even configure and activate your favorite module functions and settings on screen before the module is installed in the car! It is a good idea to permanently install the USB cable with the module in the car, leaving the computer plug in an easily accessible spot for later use with a Wifi/3G/4G connected laptop.
Detailed function description (Factory setting underlined)
Function 1 - MODULE MODE + MASTER SWITCH ( 0=OFF / 1=ON / 2=EXT / 3=EXP )

The module can quickly and easily be enabled and disabled using this function. It acts like a master switch. When disabled, the module becomes completely inactive and behaves as if it was not installed while keeping all other function settings intact for when it is re-enabled later.

Setting 1 is the regular operation mode with emphasis on safety. Turning the ignition on or off as well as hitting any button on the remote at any time during remote operation immediately stops an ongoing top operation.
Setting 2 is the extended operation mode with emphasis on convenience. Starting or stopping the engine will not stop a top operation and it is possible to lock or unlock the doors one time from the remote while the top is moving.
Setting 3 is the operation mode designed for responsible experts. It allows the doors to be locked and unlocked more than once. This can come in handy if after getting out and locking the doors something was forgotten in the car and needs to be retrieved while the top is still running.

Settings 2 and 3 require extra responsibility and caution to avoid injury by moving top parts to passengers not expecting the top to continue running after the engine is turned off and due to the fact that the first key press on the remote to lock or unlock the doors (or continued toggling of the door locks) will not stop the top! To abort the operation, press unlock while the doors are unlocked or lock while they are locked.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: In order to avoid problems with diagnostic tools and to avoid confusion or risk of injury by unexpected top movement, we urge you to ALWAYS DISABLE the module before taking the car in for routine maintenance or lending it to a third person! In case of any top malfunction NEVER take the car with the module still installed to an unsuspecting dealer! In such cases ALWAYS contact Mods4Cars for support first at www.mods4cars.com or completely uninstall the module before a dealer visit.

Function 2 - Console Switch One-Touch ( 0=OFF / 1=ON / 2=VALET )

This function allows full automatic top operation using the console switch.

Setting 1 enables One-Touch operation and comfort close for all windows.
Setting 2 disables opening of the top (Valet Mode), even from the remote!

IMPORTANT: Setting 2 disables top operation completely! If the top unexpectedly does not work, check and make sure VALET mode is not turned on.

Top operation with the console switch:
Holding down the switch (longer than 1 sec) in either direction will operate the top in manual mode for as long as the switch is held.
Tap open 1x: Open the top and bring the windows into the programmed position.
Tap open 2x: Open the top and bring the windows into the opposite position this one time.
Tap close 1x: Close top and windows.
Tap close 2x: Close only the top and leave the windows open.

Comfort close for all windows:
Tap the top close switch while the top is already closed to roll all windows up.

To interrupt an ongoing operation: Tap the console switch in any direction at any time - even if the top was started by remote!

Function 3 - Maximum Speed ( 0=0 km/h / 1=10 km/h / 2=20 km/h / 3=30 km/h / 4=40 km/h )

This function determines the desired speed limit for top operation via console switch.

Setting 0 only allows roof operation while halted.
Setting 1 and up increase the speed for top operation in steps of 10km/h (~7mph).

We recommend to keep the speed as low as possible and only operate the top on even and smooth street surfaces!
Once the top is started within the programmed speed limit, it will continue running, even if the speed later exceeds the limit during the top operation!

Function 4 - Remote Top ( 0=OFF / 1=ON )

This function allows full automatic top operation with the original remote fob by pressing the lock and unlock buttons.

Setting 1 enables remote control of the top by holding down the open or close button on the fob or by tapping either button multiple times in 1 sec intervals.

Top operation with the remote fob using HOLD:
Hold unlock down for about 4 sec: Open the top.
Hold lock down for about 4 sec: Close top and windows.

Top operation with the remote fob using TAPS:
Tap unlock 3x in 1 sec intervals: Open the top and bring the windows into the programmed position.
Tap lock 3x in 1 sec intervals: Close top and windows.

To interrupt an ongoing operation: Tap unlock or lock again. IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that Extended and Expert modes allow one time change (or multiple changes) of the door locks! In such case a second key press on the same button will be necessary to stop the top!

IMPORTANT: If the windows don't roll up after closing the roof, there is a chance that the pinch protection (hall sensors) function is deactivated. It can be enabled by a dealer or shop with a diagnostic computer.

Function 5 - Remote Windows ( 0=OFF / 1=ON )

Leave this function off on the Alfa Spider.
Due to unfortunate technical limitations the module can not control the windows while the ignition is off. As an alternate solution it is possible to have a factory feature enabled at the dealership that allows using a long hold (4 seconds) on the lock or unlock buttons to raise or lower the windows by themselves.

Function 6 - Windows up after opening top ( 0=NONE / 1=FRONT / 2=ALL )

This function only applies to the Ferrari California and 458/488. Due to technical limitations the windows always go up on the Alfa Spider and can not be controlled from the remote.

This module offers several different functions, each with several settings. All functions and settings are described in detail above and a quick reference table (matrix) can be found at the end of this manual. We recommend printing the matrix and storing it in the glove box!
To activate the programming mode, turn the ignition fully ON (no need to start the engine), then hold down the convertible top switch (1) in the direction the top is already in (open when the top is open, close when the top is closed) until both blinker arrows in the cluster light up. Now let go.
The module shows the current function via the left arrow (2) and that function's setting via right arrow (3). As an example, the left arrow blinks 1x and the right arrow blinks 2x: Function 1 is currently set to setting 2.
To select the function, tap the top switch briefly. To change the setting of the selected function, hold the switch for about 1 sec. A brief tap on the top open switch advances to the next function, a brief tap on the top close switch returns to the last one. After reading the current function and setting via the blinker signals, a long tap on the top open switch increases the setting while a long tap on the top close switch decreases it.

To end programming mode, either turn the ignition off or hold down the top switch in either direction for a longer time (about 5 sec) until both arrows light up. Programming mode also terminates automatically after 60 sec. of inactivity.

Shortcut to toggle Main Switch: With the ignition on as above, hold and keep the top switch pressed in the direction the top is already in (ignoring the first blinker signal) for a full 10 seconds, until the left arrow blinks once by itself. The right arrow will then indicate the Function 1 (Main Switch) setting (no blinks=OFF, 1x=ON, 2x=EXT, 3x=EXP).
Shortcut to toggle Valet Mode: With the ignition on as above and the top closed, tap the top-close switch quickly 10 times in a row, until the left arrow blinks twice by itself. The right arrow will then indicate the Function 2 (One Touch) setting (no blinks=OFF, 1x=ON, 2x=VALET).
Function/Setting Matrix (green fields are defaults)
Product: STLFAO1 - SmartTOP for Alfa Romeo Spider (939) and Ferrari 458/488/California
Firmware: v2.10 and up
Module DisabledModule EnabledExtended Mode
Expert Mode
Console Switch
Factory behaviorOne-Touch operationValet Mode
Function 3 0 km/h10 km/h20 km/h30 km/h40 km/h
Maximum SpeedOnly while halted10 km/h (~7mph)20 km/h (~13mph)30 km/h (~19mph)40 km/h (~25mph)
Function 4 OFFON
Remote TopNo remote functionsRemote enabled
Function 5 OFFON
Remote WindowsNo remote functionsRemote enabled
Windows up after opening topAll windows downFront windows upAll windows up